Thursday , 11 July 2024

Investigation of Pharmacological Properties of Bryophyte Hypnum andoi from Turkey

Dilsad Onbasli*1, Gokcen Yuvali Celik1, Ergin Murat Altuner2, Belma Aslim3
1Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Erciyes University, Kayseri, Turkey.
2Department of Biology, Faculty of Science and Arts, Kastamonu University, Kastamonu, Turkey.
3Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences, Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey.

A  B  S  T  R A C T
The purpose of this study was to evaluate pharmacological effects such as antimicrobial, antibiofilm, antioxidant, antigenotoxic and cytotoxic activities of Hypnum andoi (HA). In vitro antimicrobial and antibiofilm activity of the HA extract were tested by Minimum Inhibition Concentration (MIC) and microplate biofilm methods. MIC values were found to be ≥62 µg.mL-1 against test bacteria and while antibiofilm activity has not showed any inhibition against all strains. The antioxidant activity of the HA extract was evaluated by analysing DPPH radical scavenging activity, metal chelating activity on ferrous ions, plasma lipid peroxidation and total phenolic content. HA extract showed the highest radical scavenging activity, ferrous chelating ability, plasma lipid peroxidation activity and total phenolic contents. On the other hand, the cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of extracts were determined by the WST and Comet assay. HA extract was also exhibited 90±4% anticancer activity against SKBR 3 and 59±5% anticancer activity against HeLa cells, where this concentration had only 29±5% cytotoxic activity against MCF-12A cells. Also, the HA extract is observed to decrease the affect of H2O2 on human lymphocytes that cause DNA damage. These results showed that HA may be used in pharmaceutical applications because of its effective pharmacological properties.
Keywords: Hypnum andoi, antimicrobial activity, antibiofilm activity, antioxidant activity, anticancer activity.

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