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IJCPS-2013: Volume-1, Issue-1

IJCPS-2013: Volume-1, Issue-1

1. Characterization of the interaction between two Anti-viral drugs and Egg albumin 
S. Bakkialakshmi*, V. Barani
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 1-5

2. Evaluation of Proximate Screening of Phyllanthus Amarus
Shirish S. Pingale*, Shrikant S. Shewale, Dilip B Satpute
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 6-10

3. Chemometric descriptor based QSAR rationales for the MMP-13 Inhibition Activity of non-zinc chelating compounds
Brij Kishore Sharma*, Prithvi Singh
[Abstract[Full Article-PDF] pp: 11-27

4. Formulation and Evaluation of Face Pack Containing Oats and Other Natural Ingredients
Naresh Gorantla*, Swetha Pachipulusu, Shilpa Gorantla, Pavani Tumpera, Anuradha CM, Hindustan Abdul Ahad
[Abstract[Full Article-PDF] pp: 28-34

5. Synthesis and Characterization of 4-(2-Chlorobenzylidene)-1-{4-[3-(substituted phenyl) prop-2-enoyl] phenyl}-2-phenyl-imidazol-5-one
Amee B. Patel, Pankaj S. Patel*
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 35-39

6. Antimicrobial Screening of some Novel Substituted Benzimidazole Derivatives
Ramesh Dhani*
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 40-47

7. Cu ++ Induced in Vitro Antioxidant Impacts of Allium sativum on Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) Oxidation in Type II Diabetic Patients
Amir Khan*, Fouzia Ishaq, Deepti Malhotra
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 48-55

8. Evaluation of Diuretic Activity with Different Concentrations of Allium Cepa on Albino Rats
Naveen Kumar B*, Hindustan Abdul Ahad, Thippeswamy M, Sreeramulu Naik S, Anuradha CM, Anil Kumar
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 56-62

9. Overview on fast Dissolving   Oral films 
Naziya Khatoon, N. G. Raghavendra Rao*, B. Mahipal Reddy
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 63-75

10. To Defluoridate Groundwater Employing Moringa Olefera Seeds and Potash Alum
Raaz Maheshwari*, Sangeeta Parihaar
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 76-79

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