Thursday , 25 February 2021

Formulation Studies on Solvent Deposited Systems of Phenylbutazone

Katta Sridhar*, Kongi Kavya Sudha, Ballavolu Sandeep, Chirumanu Ramadevi, G. Prabhakar Rao
Swathi College of Pharmacy, Venkatachalem, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India

Phenylbutazone is a non steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesic drug. It is a weakly acidic drugs with poor aqueous solubility and as such, its gastrointestinal absorption is dissolution rate limited. It has been identified as a drug with potential bioavailability problems.Variations in the dissolution and bio-availability of phenylbutazone from chemically equivalent products have been reported 38-41,59 U.S.P. XXI,B.P and I.P 3rd Ed have prescribed a dissolution rate test specification for phenylbutazone tablets. In the present work studies were undertaken on the preparation and evaluation of solvent deposited systems of phenylbutazone, with a view to develop fast release formulation of phenylbutazone fulfilling the official dissolution requirements.
Kaywords: Phenylbutazone, bioavailability,  

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