Monday , 6 February 2023

Formulation and Evaluation of Ziprasidone Microspheres by Sovlent Evaporation Method

Kodur Sumathi, Penabaka Venugopalaiah*, Yerikala Ramesh
Department of Pharmaceutics, Ratanam Institute of Pharmacy, Nellore -524 346, Andhra Pradesh, India

The objective of the present study was formulation and evaluation of Ziprasidone microspheres by using solvent evaporation technique. Ziprasidone is loaded with ethyl cellulose & HPMC 15 microspheres and it was prepared by solvent evaporation method. Ziprasidone used in the treatment of psychotric patients. The results of FTIR indicated the stable character of Ziprasidone microspheres loaded with ethyl cellulose, HPMC K15M there is no incompatibility between drug & polymers. The Morphological characters of Ziprasidone microspheres are carried out by SEM. The Microspheres were evaluated for total formulation codes is ZM 1 to ZM 8. The Percentage Yield was found to be 53.33% to 88.46%. Drug content was 55.3 to 88.2%. The Particle size of microspheres 100 µm to 350 µm, Drug entrapment efficiency was 60.7% to 91.1 %, The drug loading capacity was 54.8% to 97.9%. The swellability studies was 0.4 sec to 1.2 sec. In-vitro dissolution studies of best formulation ZM8 was found to be 97.92%. The in-vitro drug dissolution data obtained was fitted to various mathematical models such as zero order, first order, Higuchi matrix & Korsmeyer peppas model. The release of drug from the microspheres extended up to 45 Mints. The Ziprasidone loaded with ethyl cellulose & HPMCK15M microspheres were prepared under optimized conditions that show good release characteristics.
Keywords: Ziprasidone, Microspheres, In-vitro dissolution studies, swelling index.

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