Sunday , 22 May 2022

Formulation and In-Vitro Evaluation of Oro Dispersible Tablets of Atovaquone Solid Dispersion

D. Sravika1, V.Anjeneyaulu2, Gampa Vijay Kumar3
1,2,3Department of Pharmacy, KGR Institute of Technology and Management, Rampally, Kesara, Medchal, Telangana, India.

Atovaquone is a chemical compound that belongs to the class of naphthoquinones. Atovaquone is a hydroxy-1,4-naphthoquinone, an analog of ubiquinone, with antipneumocystic activity. The main objective of the present work was to improve the solubility and dissolution rate of poorly water soluble anti-hypertensive drug Atovaquone by Solid dispersion technology using hydrophilic polymer poloxamer 407 as carrier. Nine formulations were prepared by employing primellose, explosol and crospopharm as super disintegrants. The prepared formulations were evaluated and characterized. All the results of pre-compression parameters were found to be satisfactory and post-compression parameters showed good mechanical strength and good uniformity in all formulations. Based on the in-vitro dissolution studies F3 formulation was considered as the optimized formulation since it has shown the maximum drug release of 97.21% in 60mins compared to all other formulations.
Keywords: Atovaquone, Primellose, Explosol and Crospopharm, solid dispersion.

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