Wednesday , 22 September 2021

Formulation and evaluation of effect of different stabilizer at nanosuspension of satranidazole

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Vijay kumar singh, Preeti singh, Dinesh Chandra, Saundarya kumar*, Ushers Rai, Praveen singh 
Kamala Nehru Institute of Technology & Management, Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Faridipur, Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

The solubility and dissolution properties of drugs play an important role in the process of formulation development. Among all newly discovered chemical entities most of the drugs are lipophilic and fail to reach market due to their poor water solubility. Literature survey reveals that, amoebiasis is the second leading cause of death from parasitic disease worldwide. Satranidazole was selected as the drug of choice because it is most potent nitroimidazole derivative and clinically useful against common protozoa; it is twice as effective as other nitroimidazole against amoebiasis. The aim of the present investigation was to find out the effect of different stabilizer on the formulation of satranidazole nanosuspension. The prepared  nanosuspensions were evaluated for Particle size, Polydispersity Index , Zeta potential analysis, SEM, solubility,  %yield, drug content, %EE,  invito drug release studies and  DSC curves obtained confirms the transfer of drug crystalline form to amorphous form. Solubility studies and in-vitro drug release studies shows that the prepared nanosuspension has increased  solubility and dissolution rate compared to pure drug. 
Keywords: Satranidazole, Nanosuspension, Nanoprecipitation method, solubility enhancement

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