Wednesday , 27 October 2021

Floating Drug Delivery System: A Novel Approach to Drug Delivery

Saurabh Sharma*, Alpesh Yadav
Maharishi Arvind Institute of Pharmacy, Jaipur-302020, Rajasthan, India

The concept behind the development of novel delivery system in certain drawback of conventional dosages form and to overcome the certain aspect related to physicochemical properties of drug molecule and related the formulation development. Several approaches are currently utilized in the prolongation of the gastric residence times, including floating drug delivery systems, swelling and expanding systems, polymeric bioadhesive systems, modified shape systems, high-density systems and other delayed gastric emptying devices. The management of illness through medication is entering a new era in which growing number of novel drug delivery systems are being employed and are available for therapeutic use. Oral sustained release gastro-retentive dosage forms (GRDFs) offer many advantages for drugs with absorption from upper parts of gastrointestinal tract and for those acting locally in the stomach, improving the bioavailability of the medication. Floating Drug Delivery Systems (FDDS) is one amongst the GRDFs used to achieve prolonged gastric residence time. Various types of techniques employed for development of this dosages form. Review focused on formulation aspect of effervescent floating drug delivery system with their evaluation techniques.
Key words: Floating Drug Delivery System, Gastroretentive Drug Delivery System, Swelling, Novel Delivery System.

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