Thursday , 13 May 2021

Exploration of Autochthonous Fungal Population and its Bioactive compounds Elucidation from the Three Different Coconut Water Samples

S. Sujatha1, Jasmi, V.A. Aarija, J2. Aswathy2J.M. Asha3A.G and Adharsh2V.P
1International Centre for Bioresources Management, Malankara Catholic College, Mariagiri
2M.Sc Students, Dept. of Microbiology, Malankara Catholic College, Mariagiri, Kaliakkavilai-629153.

Coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) water is a refreshing drink consumed mostly directly from the fruit. However, in recent times, consumers in Accra prefer to have it transferred into plastic bags for later consumption; this favours a high risk of bacterial contamination. Since it is rich in nutrient, it may become unwholesome with possible high bacteria loads. Tender coconut water is a refreshing drink with electrolytes (ionic mineral) similar to human plasma. This refreshing drink is filled with many healthy natural nutrients which can enhance the body’s metabolism and immunity and is used more as a health supplement. Initially these three kinds of coconut water interestingly present various diversity of the fungal organisms with different morphological in nature. Mainly those organisms were predominantly developed on two experimental coconut water such as tender and mature coconut water except king coconut water. Though, totally nine numbers of mouldy appearance white colour fungi were seen on mature coc. water and this similar kind of fungi five number also present in tender coco. Water too. But this kind of observed fungi didn’t develop on the third water sample (King coco. water) Data not shown. Furthermore, other kind of morphologically different round shaped pale green colour fungi organisms also been noticed on both two samples (mature and tender coc. water) but it was absent in king water. In addition small thickened pure dark green colour fungi developed on the three coconut water samples viz., 11 in mature, 8 in tender and 5 in king coc. Water respectively. From the present result clearly showed among the three different kinds of coconut king coconut water showed maximized chemical as well as protein composition has been noticed than the control also other two varieties of coconut water. Although, exceptionally small white colour organisms were present. As a result of this coconut water imply that should it be contaminated shortly after two or three days of incubation, the early consumption of the water (before one and half hours), will most likely avert the risk of bacterial infection.  In mature coconut water possessed totally nine compounds, of these nine bioactive compounds peak maximum showed n-Hexadecanoic acid with its retention time (43.41) as well as abundance (93) was and 1- Methyl -2-octenoic acid as a minimum revealed compound denoting abundance and its retention time such as 33.0 and 10.
Keywords: Coconut Water, Fungal Growth, Bioactive constituents, GCMS

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