Wednesday , 12 May 2021

Evaluation of Anti-inflammatory activity of Ethanolic leaf extract of Tephrosia villosa

Sumaltha*, K. Venugopal
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Nirmala College of Pharmacy, Kadapa- 516002, India.

Tephrosia villosa belongs to the family Fabaceae. It is one of the most important plants used in the indigenous system of medicine. To study the anti-inflammatory activity of ethanolic leaf extract of T.villosa using Carrageenan induced model. Anti-inflammatory activity of leaf of T.villosa was studied, in which inflammation was induced by injecting 0.1ml of a freshly prepared solution of 1% carrageenan in 0.9% sodium chloride solution, subcutaneously.  Test drugs were administered in a dose of 200,400 mg/kg p.o. one hour before commencing the experiment. The anti-inflammatory activity was assessed by determining and comparing the paw volume (ml) in the test drug group with that of the vehicle control group. Diclofenac sodium 25 mg/kg p.o. was used as a reference drug. Inflammation in the ethanolic leaf extract of T.villosa treated animals was found to be significantly less compared to vehicles control animals. (5 Diclofenac sodium (25mg/kg p.o.) produce significant reduction in inflammation when compared to control group. Ethanolic leaf extract of T.villosa produced significant anti-inflammatory activity. Our results suggest that all the leaf extract of T.villosa possess significant anti-inflammatory activity. Among the two doses of T.villosa 400 mg/kg p.o. showed maximum activity.
Keywords: Tephrosia villosa, Inflammation, Carrageenan

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