Thursday , 25 February 2021

Evaluation of Diuretic Potential of Aqueous Root Extracts of Tecoma Stans

G.S. Chakraborthy*, Vijay Singh, Ashish Kumar, Sushma Gupta
Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, NIET, Greater Noida, U.P, India.

*Pharmacy Institute, NIET, Greater Noida- 201306, U.P, India.

Background: Tecoma stans a medicinal plant is used for its various pharmacological potential use to treat various ailments. Objective: To evaluate the diuretic potential of aqueous extracts of Tecomastans roots in normal rats after acute and sub-chronic oral administration. Materials and methods: Aqueous extracts of Tecomastans(200 and 400 mg/kg) along with the reference drug, furosemide (10 mg/kg) were administrated orally to male Wistar rats and their urine output was quantified. Other Parameters like urinary electrolyte concentration, plasma electrolyte concentration and creatinine clearance were also measured by flame spectrophotometry. Results: Administration of single dose of the extract of Tecoma stans, urine output significantly showed equivalent increment at all time points, and at 24 h after the dose, the total volume of urine excreted was highest in furosemide followed by plant extracts and control group. Both extracts increased the urinary levels of Na+ and K+, to about the same extent, while furosemide increased urinary levels of only Na+ and decreased urinary K+. Despite changes in urinary excretion of the electrolytes, plasma Na+ and K+ levels were not affected by any of the substances. In the 8-day sub-chronic study, all substances induced significant diuresis and estimated urine volume and levels of Na+ ranged in almost similar proportion for aqueous extracts and furosemide, though the levels of K+ were ranged higher in extracts than furosemide. At the 8th day samples were analysed for creatinine clearance levels. Conclusion: The present study supports the ethnomedical use of Tecomastans for their diuretic effect.

Keywords: Tecomastans, Aqueous extract, Furosemide, Diuretic activity, Urine output.

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