Saturday , 8 May 2021

Development of Enhanced Site Specific Periodontal Drug Delivery Systems for Minocycline HCl and Ciprofloxacin Gels

Mukamalla Suresh1*, Rohit Saraswat
School of Pharmacy, OPJS University, Churu, Rajasthan

Ciprofloxacin hydrochloride, fluoroquinone antibiotic and Minocycline hydrochloride, tetracycline antibiotic that could be used in the treatment of periodontitis for localized therapy. The ciprofloxacin gel was formulated using biodegradable PVP, CMC (5%, 10%, 20%, 30% w/w) and poloxamer. The gel was evaluated for polarizing light microscopy, gelation and gel melting, mechanical characterization of bioadhesive formulations, rheological studies, in vitro release of CPX-MHCl, drug(s) release data analysis, antibacterial activity tests and susceptibility tests. in vitro antibacterial activity  was determine to use  S. aureus and E. coli represented Gram-positive and Gram negative bacteria exclusively, and were used as locality strains for antibacterial bustle testing. P. gingivalis was subcultured tabloid on augmented blood agar. in vitro antibacterial activity and bio-degradability study. The gels displayed dose dependent antibacterial activity and was found to be stable. The approach provides an opportunity and potential for development of periodontal gel containing both Ciprofloxacin and minocycline HCl for extended release.
Keywords: Gel, Ciprofloxacin, Minocycline, Periodontal diseases.

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