Saturday , 18 September 2021

Development and Evaluation of Capecitabine Tablets by Core in Cup Method for Pulsatile Delivery

Nagesh Kuruba*, Srirama Satyanarayana 
Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara College of Pharmcy, Proddatur, Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh, India

The role of Chronotherapeutics in colon cancer management Instead, it tends to be higher in the early morning hours and lower in the evening hours. The main objective of the present studies reported here was to investigate whether cup in core compression coating could be used to produce tablets providing maximum in-vitro drug release 6 to 8 hours after an evening dose taken at approximately 10:00 pm. The basic idea behind the dosage form development is to investigate effect of coating design on lag time and drug release from directly compressed time-controlled release tablet. The aim of the present study was to design time controlled tablet of capecitabine as Chrono-modulated drug delivery system by compression coating. Formulation design involves coating polymer blend ratio (5% and7.5%, 5% & 7.5%, 5% & 7.5% 5% & 7.5%, 2%, 2%) of Cross Carmellose Sodium, Sodium Starch Glycolate and Cross Povidone, Megnesium stearate which were exploited for their drug release at only one direction ability. The effect of different weight ratio of combination of permeable polymers and gellable polymer, different particle size of Non aqueous polymer in outer shell polymers blend were studied on the drug release behaviour of the time controlled tablet formulation. Coating materials blend were evaluated for micromeritic properties like flow properties, compressibility index, Hausner’s ratio and also evaluated the tablet for hardness, thickness, friability, weight variation, water uptake studies. The obtained results showed the capability of the system in delaying drug release for a programmable period of time to attain drug release 6 to 8 hours after an evening dose taken at approximately 10:00 pm according to a time-dependent approach.
Keywords: Compressed coated tablet; Colon cancer, Core in cup Method, Capecitabine and Chrono modulated Drug Delivery.

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