Tuesday , 11 May 2021

Determination of Chromium (VI) in Industrial Effluents and Agricultural materials using Catalytic hydrogen currents at DME

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N. Saritha*1, T. Niranjan1, N. Venkata subba Naidu2, K. Saraswathi1
1Department of Chemistry, JNTUACEA, Anantapur–515002, A.P., India
2Department of Chemistry, SV University, Tirupati–517502, A.P., India

A simple and sensitive catalytic polarographic method for the determination of Cr (VI) is developed based on the catalytic currents of Cr(VI)-amine complexes in the presence of ammonium chloride-phosphate buffer as supporting electrolyte at PH 8.2 for nBA and 8.4 for 2-MBI. The Cr (VI)-amine complexes produces a catalytic hydrogen waves at -1.36 V Vs SCE for nBA and -1.38V Vs SCE for 2-MBI in the presence of ammonium chloride and phosphate electrolyte. The proposed method is sensitive with the lowest detection limit up to 0.1 ppm. The proposed method is free from interference of many meta ions except MO(VI). The developed method is applied for the determination of Cr(VI) in industrial effluents and agricultural products. The method is first of its kind in the Polarographic Analysis.
Keywords: Polarographic catalytic hydrogen waves. Chromium (VI), nButyl amine, 2-Mercaptobenzimidazole, ammonium chloride, phosphate electrolyte, industrial effluents, Agricultural materials

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