Thursday , 30 November 2023

Design and Development of Modified Release Solid Oral Dosage Form (Entacapone)

Dr. Hareesh Dara*, Dr. Ampati Srinivas, Meesa Rajendar
St John College of Pharmcy, Hasanparthy, Hanamkonda, Telangana.

The present research work focuses on design and development of modified Release solid oral dosage form.entacapone: based on assessment of various parameters, in vitro drug dissolution profile and drug kinetics, hf14 was found to be optimized formulation.FT-IR & DSC studies revealed that there was no interaction between the drug and polymers used in the formulations. The drug release from hf14 was found to fit zero order of concentration independent and best fitted to higuchie model confirming to be diffusion assisted mechanism. Based on the mucoadhesive study, the optimized dosage form adhesive to gastro intestinal tract more than 12 hours. The marketed product released by first order kinetics by concentration dependent. In vivo bioavailability studies were conducted for optimized entacapone trilayer tablets and marketed product, the results were indicating that the optimized entacapone formulation was shown sustained release patterns where marketed product was shown immediate release
Keywords: Entacapone, modified drug release, trilayer

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