Friday , 12 July 2024

Antihyperlipedemic Activity of Methanolic Extract of Mucuna Pruriens Seeds

C. Madhavi Latha*, SK. Salma Sulthana
Department of Pharmacology, Jagans College of Pharmacy, Jangalakandriga, Muthukur, Nellore -524346, A.P, India.

Antihyperlipidemic activity of methanolic extract of Mucuna pruriens L. (Fabaceae) seeds were evaluated in male Wister albino rats. After induced hyperlipedaemia by high fat diet, the methanolic extract of Mucuna pruriens L.2000mg/kg (MEMP) & standard drug atorvastatin were administered orally to different groups of rats for two times at an interval of 12 hours & continued for 30 days. After termination of the study, all group animals were sacrificed & lipid profile such as Total Cholesterol (TC), Triglycerides (TG), Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL) & High Density Lipoproteins (HDL) were estimated. High fat diet showed significant increase in LDL, TG, TC &a significant decrease in HDL in serum. The methanolic extract of Mucuna pruriens L. and atorvastatin treated groups showed significantly increased HDL levels & decreased TC, TG & HDL-LDL ratio. The methanolic extract of Mucuna pruriens L. has showed significant antihyperlipidemic activity.
Keywords: Hyperlipedaemia, Mucuna pruriens L., Lipid profile.

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