Friday , 14 May 2021

Anticancer Potential of Triaryl Methane

C. Sherlina Daphny*, P. Selvamani, S. Latha
Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Anna University Chennai, Regional office, BIT Campus, Tiruchirappalli, India-620 024.
NCADDD, 25 July 2014, Organized by Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Anna University, BIT Campus, Tiruchirappalli–620024, Tamil Nadu, India

A derivative of Triaryl methane CRR- 638 was evaluated for their anticancer potential in lung cancer (A549) cells as In vitro model. CRR- 638 inhibited lung cancer cell in the dose- dependent manner. The maximum inhibition of 70.9 ± 0.98 µM was observed at 50 µM. The IC50 value of CRR- 638 in lung cancer cells was found to be 8.3 ± 2.5 µM. The CRR- 638 showed non- toxic to the normal cells (PBMCs). On phase contrast microscope, the CRR- 638 treated lung cancer cells showed dead and floating cells. The morphological feature was observed by AO/EB- staining of CRR- 638 treated lung cancer cells which showed induction of apoptosis. The cell cycle distribution was done using flow cytometer by propidium iodide staining, showed induction of apoptosis with significant reduction of cells in S and G2/M- phase in the CRR- 638 treated lung cancer cells. In conclusion, CRR- 638 selectively inhibited the lung cancer cells without any toxic effect on the normal cells.     
Keywords: Triaryl methane, anticancer, PBMCs, CRR- 638

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