Friday , 21 January 2022

Antenatal Care: An Approach through Unani System of Medicine

Fazly shakoor1*, Wajeeha begum2, Abiha Ahmad Khan3
1,3PG scholar Dept. of OBG, National Institute of Unani Medicine Bangalore-91
2HoD& reader, Dept. of OBG, National Institute of Unani Medicine Bangalore-91

Pregnancy is not a disease but it is a health risk, in which all maternal systems are dramatically altered to permit the sustenance and growth of conceptus but sometimes, these alterations may lead to ailments like morning sickness, heart burn, constipation etc. Besides this, unfortunately a significant number of women will have medical problems, which may complicate their pregnancy. So to overcome these problems, proper and regular care during pregnancy is very important and necessary and this routine care is termed as antenatal care. In Unani system of medicine antenatal care is described as ʻʻTadabir-e-hawamilʼʼ.Unani scholars gave emphasis on lifestyle which suits best during pregnancy. Further they have mentioned about the remedies for minor ailments of pregnancy and high risk period during which a mother must take extra care. In brief, Unani scholars recommended a total regimen with diet plan and lifestyle for an expectant mother which is very helpful to avoid common ailments and complication of pregnancy. Maternal mortality and morbidity can be reduced if we implement these vulnerable advises of unani physician in our routine ante natal care system.

Keywords: Antenatal care, Pregnancy, Tadabir-e-hawamil, unani

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