Thursday , 19 May 2022

Advent of Nanomedicine–The Future Crux of the Health Sector

J. Jayabarath*, T. Karthick, A. Catherin Sangeetha, E. Menaka, K. Pavithra,  H.S. Shaheenabhanu, M. Chitra 
Dept. of Biotechnology, Pavendar Bharathidasan College of Engineering & Technology, Mathur, Trichy-24
NCADDD, 25 July 2014, Organized by Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Anna University, BIT Campus, Tiruchirappalli–620024, Tamil Nadu, India

This review focuses on the field of nanomedicine as a translational science, which comprises of nanotechnological applications in medicine. In recent grounds, the aerial impact of nanoparticles & nanostructures and their potential therapeutic contributions to biological systems have led to an au courant era of nanotheranostics & nanodiagnosis. The significant augmentation of nanostructured devices brightens the opportunities in the field of Regenerative Medicine, Tissue Engineering & Stem Cell Technology. The novel usage of nano scaffold assemblies in stem cell therapy enhances stem cell commercialization. Encountering nanostructured collagen mimics contracts the troubles of graft rejection, thereby uplifting tissue transplantation & regeneration. Nanoplatforms are increasingly constructed to facilitate novel approaches to cancer treatment. The design of new nanocomposites for targeted drug delivery systems will provide better endeavors in molecular medicine. The green synthesis of metal nanoparticles from medicinal plants & their employment in nanomedicine unravels contemporary frontiers in the treatment of several diseases.
Keywords: Nanotheranostics, nanodiagnosis, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, stem cell technology, nano scaffolds, nanoplatforms & nanocomposites.

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