Thursday , 20 January 2022

Actiferon: Slow Relese Iron Therapy for Better Absorption and Bioavailability

Author Details
Govind shukla*, M. Sarika, D Saritha, C.J Sampath Kumar
Lactonova India, (An Indian MNC Pharma Group), Makers of Actiferon Slow Release Iron tablets,  Hyderabad, A.P, India

For nearly 4 decades, studies on iron preparations have been benchmarked against Ferrous Ascorbate. Properties of Ferrous Ascorbate are thus considered the Gold Standard in Iron therapy. Ferrous Ascorbate is the world’s most widely recognized reference Iron. since Iron absorbed from the diet is inadequate to meet requirement of many individuals, so iron supplementation is essential to control iron deficiency anaemia. Actiferon slow release iron tablets are easy to swallow and easy on stomach. Actiferon rich in iron combines complete folic acid and physiologically active. Vitamin B12 and zinc in Actiferon in delayed release form avoiding the inhibition of iron absorption. Present article emphasized the role of Actiferon, slow relese iron therapy for better Absorption &Bioavailability.
Keywords: Actiferon, Anaemia, Iron absorption.

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