Wednesday , 24 February 2021

A Review on Phytochemical and Pharmacological Aspects of Caesalpinia Pulcherrima

Kushwaha Ashish*, Gupta Sushma, Chakraborthy G.S, Mazumder Avijit, Das Saumya
Pharmacy Institute, Noida Institute of Engineering & Technology, 19, Knowledge Park – II, Institutional Area, Greater Noida – 201306, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Now day’s herbs are of great widely used in our daily life as flavouring agent, foods, medicine and perfume. Herbal medicine has become a popular form of alternative medicine in different countries. There are many differences between herbal and conventional pharmacological treatments and due to this herbal medicine can be tested for their ability to produce a desired or intended result using conventional trial methodology. Caesalpinia pulcherrima, a plant widely used in the traditional medicinal systems of India has been believed to possess antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, antioxidant, anticancer, analgesic, antifertility, antiulcer and immunosuppressive potentialty. Thus our review compiles and highlights some of the phytochemical and pharmacological properties of the plant exemplifying its potentiality and treatment of above diseases.

Keywords: Caesalpinina pulcherrima, Pharmacological activities, Therapeutic uses, phytochemical studies.

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