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A Novel Review on Natural Polymers used in Formulation of Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms

T. Rama*, V. Leela Lakshmi, Dr. P. Venkatesh, B. Sravani, Dr. C. Madhavi Latha G. Sravanthi, G. Naveen Jagan’s College of Pharmacy, Jangalakandriga, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India A B S T R A C T All pharmaceutical dosage forms contain many additives besides the active ingredients to assist manufacturing and to obtain the desired effect to the pharmaceutical active ingredients. The ... Read More »

Antimicrobial Activity of Commonly Available Plants in Chennai for Human Pathogens

ABOUT AUTHOR Edwina Jospiene. M* and V. Judia Harriet Sumathy Postgraduate & Research Department of Biotechnology, Women’s Christian College, Chennai, India–600006. *E-mail: sbsj@rediffmail.com ABSTRACT Emergence of antibiotic resistance by bacteria commonly used for treatment of a variety of infectious diseases has alarmed the medical field. Plants are the major sources of therapeutic compounds that have been used in a variety of human ailments. A ... Read More »

Infrared Spectroscopy: Fundamentals and Applications

Barbara Stuart Infrared spectroscopy is certainly one of the most important analytical techniques available to today’s scientists. One of the great advantages of infrared spectroscopy is that virtually any sample in virtually any state may be studied. Liquids, solutions, pastes, powders, films, fibres, gases and surfaces can all be examined with a judicious choice of sampling technique. As a consequence ... Read More »

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