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Evaluation of Phytochemical screening and in vitro Anti-inflammatory activity of Ethanolic extract of Jatrophagossypifolia Linn.

P. Sailaja* Department of Pharmacology, Ratnam Institute of Pharmacy, Pidathapolur, Muthukur, SPSR Nellore -524 346 A B S T R A C T The present study was aimed to evaluate the phytochemical screening and in-vitro anti- inflammatory activity of ethanolic extract of Jatrophagossypifolia Linn. It reveals the presence of considerable amount of alkaloid, steroid, phenolic substances and vitamin C (Ascorbic ... Read More »

Review on Hybanthus Enneaspermus

Chelladurai Muthumari*1, Jeyaraman Amutha Iswarya Devi2, N. Venkateshan3 Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Arulmigu Kalasalingam college of Pharmacy, Anand Nagar, Krishnankoil-626126, Tamil Nadu, India. A B S T R A C T Medicinal plants, medicinal herbs, or simply herbs have been identified and used from prehistoric times. Plants make many chemical compounds for biological functions, including defense against insects, fungi and ... Read More »

Research Article Phytochemical Screening and Acute Toxicity Study of Methanol extract of “Cassia tora” Seeds

Raghuram Akinapelli*1, S.N Sri Harsha1, D. Yashwanth Kumar2 Faculty of Pharmacy, PACIFIC University, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India A B S T R A C T Many plant species have been used by most ethnic groups for treating different disease conditions ranging from small infections to skin diseases, asthma, dysentery, malaria and other multiple indications. Herbal Medicine is usage of herbs for ... Read More »

Preliminary Phytochemical Screening and Evaluation of Antiurolithiatic Activity in Crude Extracts of Cucumis Sativus, Citrullus Lanatus and Tribulus Terrestris

S. Sasi Mounika1 ,V. Karuna Sree2 1NRI College of Pharmacy, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh 2 KVSR Siddhartha College of Pharmaceutical sciences, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh A B S T R A C T Aim: Herbal therapies had become integral part of health care sciences.Urolithasis is a condition in which crystals in urine combines to form stones. The study evaluates antiurolithiatic activity of ... Read More »

Isolation and Characterization of 4’, 5, 7,-trihydroxy isoflavone from Crinum defixum Ker-Gawler plant leaves and their Biological activities

A. Elaiyaraja*1, G.Chandramohan2 1Department of Chemistry, A.V.V.M. Sri Pushpam College, Poondi, Thanjavur-613 503, Tamilnadu, India. 2Department of Chemistry, Jairams Arts and Science College, Karur-3, Tamilnadu, India. A B S T R A C T The present study was carried out to isolation and characterization of Flavone compounds present in the Crinum defixum Ker-Gawler leaves, which is an important medicinal plant. ... Read More »

GC-MS Studies of Crinum defixum Ker-Gawler Leaves

A. Elaiyaraja*, G. Chandramohan Department of Chemistry, A.V.V.M. Sri Pushpam College, Poondi, Thanjavur-613 503, Tamilnadu, India. A B S T R A C T The present study was carried out to identify the phytochemical present in the Crinum defixum Ker-Gawler leaves. It is an important medicinal plant worldwide trends towards the utilization of natural plant remedies has created an enormous ... Read More »

Phytochemical screening of some medicinal plants used to treat malaria in Côte d’Ivoire (West Africa)

ABOUT AUTHOR  Béourou Sylvain2,*, Tuo Karim1,2, Ouattara Karamoko1, Touré André O.2, Meité Souleymane3,  Ako Ako A.B.3, Tano Konan D1., Gbessi Adji E.3, Djaman Allico J.1,3,  Coulibaly Adama1  1Pharmacodynamics Biochemical Laboratory, Biosciences U. F. R., University of Félix Houphouët-Boigny, Abidjan, 22 PoBox 582 Abidjan 22, Côte d’Ivoire. 2Department of parasitology and mycology, malariology Unit, Pasteur Institute of Côte d’Ivoire 3Pasteur Institute of Côte ... Read More »


Author Details Konathala Rajesh*, N.Silvia, S.P.Preethi, K.Eswar kumar, T.Satyanarayana Pharmacology Division, AU College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, A.P, India E-mail: Abstract Gmelina asiatica Linn, (syn. Gmelina parvifolia) (Family, Verbenaceae) is commonly known as ‘Asian Bush beech’ and large straggling shrub found in South India. The plant has been used in gonorrhea, catarrh of the bladder, rheumatism. A ... Read More »

Antimicrobial activity and phytochemical screening of Stem bark extracts from Jatropha curcas (Linn)

ABOUT AUTHOR Abhilash. A*, Prabhu Raj KJ, Hemalatha, Gopi Krishna B, M, Dr. Hindustan Abdul Ahad B. Pharmacy, Balaji College of Pharmacy, Anantapur, AP, India E-mail: ABSTRACT The in vitro antimicrobial activity of crude ethanolic, methanolic and water extracts of the stem bark ofJatropha curcas were investigated. The extracts exhibited antimicrobial activities with zones of inhibition ranging from 5 ... Read More »

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