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Enzyme Inhibitors Involving Various Diseases

Hajamydeen Mahumutha*, Jeyaraman Amutha Iswarya Devi, N. Venkateshan Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Arulmigu Kalasalingam college of Pharmacy,  Anand Nagar, Krishnankoil-626126, Tamil Nadu, India. A B S T R A C T Enzymes are protein molecules which work as catalyst. Enzymes speed up chemical reaction in the bodyall biochemical reaction in living thing need enzymes. The human body contain approximately 750000 ... Read More »

Water cure Therapy: A Review

Naveen*, V. Leela lakshmi, Dr. P. Venkatesh, Dr. C. Madhavi Latha, B. Sravani, T. Rama, Venkata Ramana Jagan’s College of Pharmacy, Jangalakandriga, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India A B S T R A C T This water therapy, also known as Indian, Chinese, or Japanese water Therapy, is claimed to have a wide range of health benefits, or at least no adverse ... Read More »

Wheat Grass as Green blood therapy: A Review

Kiran B. Kotade*1, Swati V. Wagh1, Vijay D. Wagh2 1Department of Pharmacology, P.R.E.S.’s, College of Pharmacy (For Women), Chincholi, Nashik-422 103. 2Department of Pharmaceutics, P.R.E.S.’s, College of Pharmacy (For Women), Chincholi, Nashik-422 103 A B S T R A C T Juice of wheat grass is termed as green blood. Wheatgrass is a variety of grass that is used like ... Read More »

Applications of Cellulases–Review

Sharada.R1, Venkateswarlu.G2,Venkateswar.S3,AnandRao.M4  1Government Jr. College (G), Sangareddy, Dist. Medak, India 2Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, R.C. Puram, Hyderabad, India 3University College of Technology, O.U., Hyderabad, India 4University College of Sciences, O.U., Hyderabad, India Abstract Cellulases are important enzymes not only for their potential applications in different industries like industries of animal feed,  agricultural, laundry & detergent, textile, paper & pulp, wine ... Read More »

Environmental Biotechnology

Environmental Biotechnology Gareth M. Evans Judith C. Furlong Environmental biotechnology has an exciting future. Just the thought of having microorganisms work for you – simply by feeding them with natural substrates and having hazards turned into minerals and nature’s own basic constituents – is really intriguing. Of course, we all know that it is not that simple, but nevertheless it ... Read More »

Pharmaceutical Process Engineering

Pharmaceutical Process Engineering Anthony J. Hickey David Ganderton Pharmaceutical manufacturing entails the combination of a number of unit processes. The major processes are described in this text. The efficiency, quality, and economy of manufacturing depend on an understanding of the individual operations involved in processing. In many cases—unlike in other types of industrial processing—safety and efficacy of a therapeutic agent ... Read More »

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