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IJMPR Vol-1; ISSN 2321-2624

International Journal of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Research       ISSN 2321-2624 

2013:  Volume-1, Issue-3  [Call for Papers]
2013:  Volume-1, Issue-2 [Released]

Biological Studies of Lanthanide (III) Complexes with Nitrogen-Oxygen donor Schiff base ligands
Muraleedharan Nair. M.K*, Ajitha. P.S, Rejimon. P.K
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 185-191

Formulation and Evaluation of Herbal Shampoo Containing Chamomile, Rose and Orange Peel
Hindustan Abdul Ahad*, Naresh Gorantla, Sai Prasad K, Thimma Reddy VT, Ragadeepika J, Hajarabi T
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 192-197

Formulation Optimization and Characterization of Transdermal Patch of Mefenamic Acid
Singh Vikas Kumar*, Pokhariyal Tarun, Tiwari Ajay Kumar
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 198-205

Formulation and Evaluation of Buccal Patches of Prazosin Hydrochloride
Pokhariyal Tarun*, Singh Vikas Kumar, Tiwari Ajay Kumar
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 206-211

Biodegradable Polymeric Nanoparticles: Drug Delivery Systems-A Review
Bhavani Boddeda*, Mohan. K, J. Vijaya Ratna
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 212-217

Miraculous Therapeutic Potential of Indian Gooseberries
Raaz K Maheshwari*, Bina RaniManisha Sharma, Sangeeta Parihar, Upma Singh
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 218-225

Chronotherapeutics: Clinical Science Based on the Circadian Rhythms
Singh Haribansh Narayan*, Saxena Shivangi, Yadav Ajit Kumar, Singh Sunil
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 226-234

Complete Review on Nasal Drug Delivery Systems
Nutan Kumari*, Renu Kalyanwat, Vikas Kumar Singh
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 235-249

1H-1, 2, 4,-Triazole Having Significant Pharmacological Activities
Sakshi Gupta*, Dharmendra Kumar
[Abstract] [Full Article-PDF] pp: 250-257

Substancial and Significant Fruit-Promegranate
Amit Parashar*, Poonam Sharma, Satish Goyal, Ashok Kumar
[Abstract][Full Article-PDF] pp: 258-261

2013: Volume-1, Issue-1

Method Development and its Validation for Quantitative Simultaneous Determination of Dexamethasone and Gatifloxacin in Ophthalmic Solution by RP-HPLC
Ankit Agarwal *, Subhash Dadhich, Sunil Kumar Tiwari, Kashyap Nagariya
[Abstract] [Full Article – PDF] pp: 139-144

Preparation and in vitro Permeation Studies of Diclofenac potassium Ficus benghalensis Fruit Mucilage Transdermal Patches
Anuradha CM*, Hindustan Abdul Ahad, Sreekanth K, Abhilash A, Prabhuraj KJ, Swapna K
[Abstract[Full Article – PDF] pp: 127-134

Acacia cumanensis plant gum as release retardant in matrix tablet formulation taking Aceclofenac as model drug
Anuradha CM*, Hindustan Abdul Ahad, Abhilash A, Prabhuraj KJ, Swapna K
[Abstract] [Full Article – PDF] pp: 164-169

Molecular Characterization of Mesenterocin as a Novel Drug against Bacterial Uropathogens of Male Infertility
Arthi .R*, Dr. Vimalin Hena
[Abstract] [Full Article – PDF] pp: 179-184

Role of DPP IV Inhibitor in Type -2 Diabetes Millitus
Anup K. Chakraborty*, Umesh K. Patil
[Abstract] [Full Article – PDF] pp: 105-116

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