Wednesday , 2 December 2020

Formulation and Evaluation of Cinnarizine Bilayered Tablets

Ch. Praveen Kumar, D. Mamatha*, K. Gnana Prakash, M. Gobinath 
Department of Pharmaceutics, Ratnam Institute of Pharmacy, Pidthapolur(V), Muthkur(M), Nellore-524346, A.P, India

In the present research work an attempt was made to prepare cinnarizine bilayered tablets, in which the drug is classified as a selective agonist of T-type voltage-operated calcium ion channels, because it’s binding blocks the channel and keeps inert. It is commonly prescribed for nausea and vomiting due to motion sickness. Bilayered tablet is mainly suitable for sequential release of two drugs in combination, which one layer is immediate release layer as initial dose and second layer is maintainance dose. Cinnarizine, as an immediate release dosage form causes GI irritation and has less half life (2 – 4 hrs), which was found to be the best candidate for formulating as bilayered tablets. So the present research work was envisaged to develop cinnarizine bilayer tablets by using different hydrophilic polymers like sodium carboxy methyl cellulose and hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose in different ratios to decrease the frequency of administration as well as to increase the patient compliance. Eight formulations (CNZ-1 TO CNZ-8) of Cinnarizine bilayered tablets were prepared and subjected to various pre and post formulation studies. Results confirmed that there is no any chemical interaction between Cinnarizine and excipients and the tablets has acceptable strength and resistance. All the formulations were subjected to in-vitro dissolution, conducted for twenty four hours and among all the formulations, CNZ-6 shows more retarding effect and thus found that T50 % value increases as concentration of SCMC and HPMC increases. Drug release follows zero order with R2 value 0.99 and diffusion exponent values (n) of all cinnarizine bilayer tablets were found to be 0.68-0.71 which indicates anomolous non-fickian diffusion i.e., the rate of solvent penetration and drug release are in the same range.
Keywords: Cinnarizine, Bilayered tablets, Motion sickness, SCMC, HPMC, Diffusion etc

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