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Bleaching face can prove effective remedy for many of you who might be fed up of your skin complexion and are craving to flaunt glowing skin. Using a bleaching face cream can not only help those who want to get rid of age spots and skin pigmentation, but also boost self-confidence. To know more about bleaching face, read on the following.
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Mechanism of bleaching:
In easy words, utility of bleach lightens the pores and skin complexion by reducing the concentration of the skin darkening pigment melanin. Melanocytes or pores and skin cells produce this dark colored pigment, which is responsible for the colour of your skin and hair. Lighter pores and skin has lower focus of melanin, whereas relatively darker skin has melanin in greater concentration. A face bleaching cream contains chemical substances, which hinder the manufacturing of melanin in our skin. As the melanocytes are not capable to produce melanin, it leads to lighter and even colored pores and skin tone.
1. It is fast, easy and can be used at home.
2. A bleaching cream can be bought over-the-counter and you don’t need any kind of a prescription to buy it.
3. Bleaching your face is a pain-free process.
1. Burning, itching or stinging sensation along with skin redness on the areas applied.
2. Mild to severe allergic effects like skin rash, blistering, inflation or swelling of lips or cheeks and difficulty in breathing are also known to occur in deteriorated cases.
Dryness and cracking of skin, when applied on sensitive areas around the eyes and nose.
Care and Caution while Bleaching
To prevent adverse effects of bleaching, it is imperative that some caution be exercised during bleaching. It cannot be over emphasized that the instructions accompanying the bleach should be followed accurately. Exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided for the next 24 hours. If the bleach happens to come in contact with your eyes, you should wash your eyes with cold water immediately and thoroughly. You can apply a non-perfumed moisturizer or Aloe vera gel to the target area after bleaching it.
Bleaching Face during Pregnancy
During pregnancy, some women may feel the need to bleach their face. The reason behind this is pores and skin discoloration in melasma. Melasma, also referred to as masks of being pregnant, is a typical condition in pregnant lady, when excess secretion of hormone estrogen makes the melanocytes produce higher quantities of the darkening pigment melanin. This results in brown patches on the facial region. Though, there is not any way to look at the extent of hurt the usage of bleaching cream may cause during pregnancy, many medical doctors advice against its use. So, it is at all times higher to seek the advice of your doctor or a dermatologist earlier than using it.
Occasional bleaching is advisable than frequent one to keep the face glow forever.

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